We re-create your project in an accurate representation of your reality. With synthetic images, animated films, augmented reality technologies or virtual reality visits, we realize all your projects by creating a unique and interactive representation.


You want to virtually promote your space, your school, museum, shop, premises, factory, exhibition hall… are examples of spaces that we could photograph at 360°.

The custom virtual tour is the perfect way because it allows a complete customization of the adaptation of your graphic chart to the addition of information points, including the integration of drone views or 360° videos.


  • Offices and coworking spaces
  • Museum
  • Shop
  • School
  • Local
  • Factory
  • Restaurants & cafes

Virtual showroom

We help brands develop new, innovative and attractive interactions for their B2B and B2C customers. We help you overcome the new challenges of e-commerce by placing your client at the heart of your brand.

From concept to production, including the launch of your showroom, Cene Reality accompanies you through the creative process. With us, achieve your sales and communication targets.


  • E-commerce
  • Shop
  • Showroom
  • Store

Interactive Virtual Environment

Do you have any space or property not yet built and would you like to get a representation of it? It is entirely possible.

We propose you to model and create a virtual interactive environment, completely in 3D and 360°. You can use it on several media, PC, mobile, tablet and virtual reality headset.

Perfect for

  • Virtual agency
  • Virtual Shop
  • Stands and virtual exhibition

3D Reconstructions

Virtual reality and cultural heritage.

Our digital models allow you to travel back in time and rediscover a monument in its historic surroundings. Immersive and entertaining, our solutions offer the visitor a new visitor experience.

In order to ensure a balance between the rigor of a scientific discourse and the needs of disseminating knowledge to an audience. We use our full technical expertise and academic knowledge to support institutions and site managers. archaeological and heritage sites within their development projects.

This experience is the most immersive, it immerses the visitor into the heart of the monument while giving him the freedom to move and provide him with the opportunity to interact with the elements around him.

Education content can easily be integrated into the experience through information bubbles or a voice- off. This type of experience is especially effective at one-time events, the ephemeral feature being a tool to attract visitors.

Perfect for

  • Archeological site
  • Museums
  • Heritage digitization